The votes are in! The following candidates for the 2021 municipal elections have been endorsed by Our Revolution Medford through a membership vote and pledge to implement the 2021 Medford People’s Platform.

Medford City Council


Kit Collins (she/her)

Abigail Dickson (they/them)

Nicole Morell *(she/her)

Justin Tseng (he/him)

Medford School Committee


Jenny Graham *(she/her)

Sharon Hays (she/her)

Mea Mustone * (she/her)

Paul Ruseau * (he/him)

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How to vote for our endorsed candidates on November 2nd

Important Dates

Follow Our Revolution Medford on Facebook and check out the Our Revolution Medford Public Calendar for event updates and all of the ways you can support our endorsed candidates and make sure they win their elections on September 14th and November 2nd.

  • October 13th, 8:00PM: Close of Voter Registration for Municipal Election
  • October 23rd, 9AM to 5PM: Early Voting at Medford City Hall
  • October 25th and 26th, 8:30AM to 4:30PM: Early Voting at Medford City Hall
  • October 27th, 8:30AM to 7:30PM: Early Voting at Medford City Hall
  • October 28th, 8:30AM to 4:30PM: Early Voting at Medford City Hall
  • November 2nd: Municipal Election, 7:00am to 8:00pm (Mayor, City Council, and School Committee)

See the Medford Municipal Election Calendar and the Our Revolution Medford Homepage for more events.

Please review the 2021 endorsement process page for more information on our endorsement process.

Vote for ORM Endorsed Candidates! Share this page with your family and friends and encourage them to make a voting plan!

The ORM endorsement:

  • Makes public all candidates’ commitments to the 2021 Medford People’s Platform
  • Offers a community of support for elected officials to vote the values of the community rather than corporate interests
  • Brings candidates and elected officials in regular dialogue with constituents