Our Structure

Support Teams

Support Teams are groups that perform the administrative and coordinative work required to organize our members to achieve community goals.

Working Groups

Working Groups are groups that plan and execute campaigns and projects that members can get involved in. These are long term areas of work that relate to OR Medford’s People’s Platform.

Working Groups could have subgroups, active projects and/or committees. These groups are connected with a Working Group, but may also span members of multiple Working and Support Groups as needed for collaboration.

Within the Issues and Policy Working Group, we have Liaisons that have specific relationships with other Medford issue-based community groups and to the statewide Our Revolution Massachusetts organization, which is an annually elected position.

For descriptions of the Support Teams and Working Groups, and Projects, see here.

How the groups work together

To enhance communication and collaboration among all OR Medford groups, we use Airtable to keep current descriptions and contact information of group coordinators that members can access at any time. The coordinators for groups use Slack for communication and collaboration among working and support groups. The community meets at least every other month (and usually monthly) to share information about different projects and groups and synthesize efforts in real time. 

How to start a group or project

Working Groups need at least 3 members to remain active and meet as needed. At least 1 of these members must feel comfortable being the lead and providing contact information so that members can follow up with questions or become involved. Projects may be composed of just two or one person – however we recommend you pair up with a comrade to start any new project!

To form a new group or project, grab some friends and fill out this form: https://airtable.com/shr2JYXK6CySbEkO4 .

Not sure how to get the crew together? Start with a message to the discussion list (members only) describing your idea and seeing if anyone is interested in working with you.

The Membership, Data, and Security Support Team can help you create an email group, schedule a regular meeting, get your group’s meeting on the calendar, set up a Slack channel, and answer any other questions you might have about how to get started.

Once your group or project has mechanisms to organize, it’s time to let the rest of OR Medford know what’s going on. Draft a communication for the Communication Support Team that includes:

  • The current goal of your group
  • Who is the coordinator
  • The link to your group info on Airtable (the Membership, Data, and Security Support Team will set this up for you)
  • Whether or not you are recruiting members and how people can get involved
  • What the community can expect regard communications out from your group:
    • How/where will you share info?
    • How often will you share info? 

Information on new Working Groups and Projects are shared in the following places:

  • The OR Medford website
  • In a communication to the OR Medford list
  • At the next OR Medford general meeting