Our Revolution Medford Announces Endorsement Process for 2021 Medford Municipal Elections

Our Revolution Medford endorsement requests for the November 2021 municipal elections will open on Monday, April 12, 2021. Endorsement decisions will be announced in two rounds, May and August, depending on when the endorsement request was received and will be based largely on a commitment to the 2021 Medford People’s Platform, candidate interviews, and a candidate forum. The platform has been published as of April 12th via multiple communication outlets, complete with a sign-on form.

The first round of endorsements was announced on June 6th, 2021 and can be found here.

Who is eligible for an Our Revolution Medford Endorsement?

Candidates for any Medford office must first sign on to both the 2021 Medford People’s Platform and 2021 Candidate Agreement to be considered for endorsement. OR Medford will endorse candidates whose campaign goals align with our platform, which was democratically and collaboratively developed by the OR membership consisting of Medford residents.

Announced and unannounced candidates for all offices in the November 2021 municipal elections are eligible to seek an OR Medford endorsement between April 12th and July 21st.

Endorsement requests received prior to April 30th are eligible to be included in the first round of endorsements announced in June, all other endorsements will be announced in August.

If I agree with part of the finalized platform but not the whole thing, am I eligible for an endorsement?


Where can I learn more about the endorsement process?

Here is our detailed process with timeline for the 2021 municipal elections. To join the endorsements committee, inquire about the process, or to seek an endorsement from Our Revolution Medford, please email ormedford-endorsements@googlegroups.com with your interest.

What does an Our Revolution Medford endorsement mean?

Our Revolution Medford will support all candidates it endorses through online announcements of support and communications encouraging our members and the public to vote for our endorsed candidates. In addition, the Medford People’s Platform coalition led by OR Medford organizers will assist in the following activities in support of endorsed candidates:

  • Organizing issue-based or candidate-focused events, including fundraisers, where legally permissible
  • Recruiting, training, and retaining volunteers for canvassing (door-to-door communications), textbanking, and phonebanking
  • Leading slate-inclusive canvassing, textbanking, and phonebanking events

OR Medford membership includes experienced organizers who have managed successful state-level candidate and ballot question campaigns and spent thousands of collective hours knocking doors, phonebanking, and event planning for candidates and issues important to us.

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your endorsement requests!

Our Revolution Medford Endorsements Committee