OR Medford Announces 2019 “People’s Platform” and Invites Candidates to Apply for Endorsement

Medford, Massachusetts — June 23, 2019

Our Revolution Medford, a community organizing group made up of Medford residents, is pleased to announce the release of the Medford People’s Platform. Groups across Medford representing labor organizations, immigration justice groups, transportation and housing advocates, and other individuals working on improving the conditions of Medford residents created the Platform. The Platform envisions an inclusive local government that is responsible to the needs of everyone who calls Medford home.

Our Revolution Medford will use the Medford People’s Platform to anchor our endorsement process for candidates running in the 2019 municipal elections. All candidates are expected to sign onto both the Medford People’s Platform and a Candidate Agreement. The agreement calls on all candidates to refuse funds from real estate developers, charter school PACs, large corporate PACs, and private insurance PACs, and to engage community members and organizations directly in local government decisions.

Additional details on the Our Revolution endorsement process, the Medford People’s Platform, and the Candidate Agreement can be found on the Our Revolution Medford website. Our Revolution Medford welcomes all candidates, residents, and community organizations to sign onto the Medford People’s Platform and to play a participatory role in 2019 Municipal Elections.

Jess Farrell | our.revolution.medford@gmail.com

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