Help Build the 2023 Medford People’s Platform!

2023 is local election year, and we’re coming together to update our Medford People’s Platform that shows the shared values of the elected officials, candidates, residents, businesses and community organizations who sign on to support. Can you take a few minutes to share your input on our platform and what needs to be updated?

Medford’s future is in our hands this year as residents will be electing a Mayor, City Council, and School Committee. We need to make sure that our platform and message reflect the major needs and challenges facing our city.

Please take a few minutes to fill out our feedback form and share it with neighbors and friends.

You can also share your feedback at our January General Meeting, which is this Thursday, January 26th at 7PM via Zoom!

If you can’t join us on 1/26 and don’t want to use the feedback form, please feel free to email your feedback to 

Thank you for your passion and engagement with local government here in Medford. Your support and activism has been essential as Our Revolution Medford and progressive elected officials have fought to reverse major budget cuts, fully fund our public schools and city services, and build a more open, inclusive and welcoming community for all.

In solidarity,
ORM Medford People’s Platform Team

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