Our Revolution Medford Use of Member Data

Our Revolution Medford strongly believes in data privacy. While we do sometimes collect and share personal information, we commit to always sharing the least amount of information required to get the job done.

Information we collect

  • Member names, e-mails, phone numbers, and ward #
  • Participation in meetings, events, campaigns, and other activities organized by OR Medford
  • Areas of interest and affiliation with other community organizing groups, particularly ones we want to build relationships with. This helps when coordinating efforts with other similarly minded groups
  • Publicly available information related to our organizational efforts (for example, street addresses of houses with Black Lives Matter signs)

What we do with collected information

While we use collected information internally regularly, we commit to using the minimal amount needed to accomplish whatever we are working on. Member contact info may be shared externally with coalition partners (i.e. Mobilize Medford) following a community-wide vote to support the campaign. We will ONLY contact you to mobilize for OR Medford-supported issues or campaigns.

Special cases

Sometimes confidential information, like security disclosures or Community Agreement violation reports, may be shared by individual members with the Membership, Data, and Security Support team. This confidential information will be shared internally on a strict need to know basis. 

Our Revolution Medford uses Airtable to manage our member data. If you are interested in learning more about Airtable’s privacy policy, please visit https://airtable.com/privacy. Contact a Membership, Data, and Security Support team member if you have further questions.